Chairing Meetings: Cheat Sheets & Templates © 2021



This download includes:

Four Templates to Build, Chair and Report Meetings!
Template 1: Building a Main Motion
Template 2: Building an Agenda
Template 3: The Motions Used in the Meetings
Template 4: Recording the Minutes

All of Robert’s Motions in Order of Precedence!
Robert’s 85 Motions in the 12th Edition

James W. Lohr Ph. D.,
Certified Professional Parliamentarian,
American Institute of Parliamentarians and
Registered Parliamentarian
National Association of Parliamentarians

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Chairing Meetings: Cheat Sheets & Templates

This download will help a new chair learning how to prepare for and lead meetings and for the busy person who has been given another job to lead decision-making meetings and who needs efficient ways to prepare, lead, and report their results. The templates become “boilerplates” for efficiency.

Inside the Cover is “About the Author” and the “Table of Contents”
Page 1 describes “Unfamiliar Parliamentary Terms” alphabetically in current American English.
Page 2 explains briefly how Henry M. “Robert Developed His Rules – and How We Use Them” and
 “How to Use this ‘Cheat-Sheet.’”
Pages 3-14 are four sets of three pages with “Guidance, Template, and Samples” for building main motions, building agendas,
 motions probably used at the meetings. It is also the minutes of the meeting.

(WORD 2010 was used to prepare this download. Be sure that pages 4, 7, 10 and 13 are “Saved as Templates.”)
Pages 15-16 is a table of “Robert’s Motions in Order of Precedence.” (Higher motions are used while lower motions must wait.)
There is a descriptive “legend” at the bottom of page 16.

This download Is clear but concise. It will help plan and lead meetings where the group makes the decisions.


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