Brain Health Division

Lohr developed Calming My Pain! to help patients suffering by offering inexpensive brain-training to avoid opioids and their less-expensive but illegal and dangerous alternatives. These are available as a DVD, download or stream.

Lohr developed Lifting My Depression! to help patients overcome dwelling on past mistakes and envisioning future catastrophes.

These are also available as a
DVD, download or stream.

Education Division

Lohr first learned parliamentary procedure in graduate school in the 1960’s.

Robert’s Rules of Order,
Newly Revised

Henry M. Robert designed a small book in 1874 for fair and efficient meetings which has grown to more than 700 pages.
It is used more than 90% the USA’s private organizations, professional assemblies and public boards.

Chairing Meetings:
Cheat Sheets and Templates

Lohr’s contribution offers 16 pages of concise but clear training for new officers.

Mental Health
Diagnoses Division

Using an “Aggregator” in this website opens new ways to educate patients and families, the public and professionals on 227 different mental health diagnoses.
Each diagnosis is described here.
Articles and abstracts, updated daily from Wikipedia and PubMed for each diagnosis, are provided at no charge to our users.

As a teacher, Lohr helped students overcome their fears of public speaking using an automated program of relaxation and mental visualization instructions.

Lohr lost his professional position unexpectedly
and battled depression for some time.
He was supported by his loving wife and good providers.
He won the battle and learned to appreciate good brain health.
Inspired by prayer, this website is Lohr’s response to others.

In his programs, Lohr has integrated deep relaxation, descriptions of what happens in the brain, and mental exercises to help those with pain and depression. Applying an aggregator for brain health information should help reduce the stigma that mental illness has carried for centuries.

James W. Lohr, Ph. D., earned academic degrees from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, South Dakota State University and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Lohr and his wife, Mary, live in Ames, Iowa.