The vidoes in this list will give you a clearer view of your diagnosis by showing a person with the diagnosis or (if I could not find that video) expert information. If the patient is likely to be a child, I tried to find a video with a child in it to be more comfortable for your child.

As the author, I tried to find videos relevant to each of the diagnoses. They are available through YouTube, but only the titles are listed below. Adding them to the website would have been too expensive and require too much space. If “more” is listed after the title(s), there were additional videos on YouTube which will probably appear while you watch the listed video.

Diagnosis Title YouTube Program Titles
Abuse-Adult Elder Abuse can happen to anyone, even your parents. TED (14:11) 2 months; ("more" = several more videos)
Abuse-Child How to Recognize Child Abuse and Neglect (14:33); - More
Acute Distreess Disorders What is Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)? (6:26); more
Adjustment Disorder What is Adjustment Disorder? (11:36); more
Adjustment-Like Disorders Adjustment, PTSD and Reactive Attachment Disorders (9:39); more
Agoraphobia What is Agoraphobia? Doctor Explaines and Introduces Solutions (13:47); more
Akathesia - Medication Induced What is Akasthesia? (5:45); more
Alcohol Withdrawal Alcohol Withdrawal Symptom Overview (6:27); more
Alcoholism Warning Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism (15:50); more
Alzheimer's Disesase No Joke: The Truth About Alcoholism (Celebrities describe it.) more
Amphetamine Dependence Lecture: 19 Amphetamines ((14:40) more
Anorexia Nervosa My Anorexia Story (17:49) more
Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome Antidepressant Withdrawal (11:32) more
Antisocial Personality Disorder Understanding Antisocial Personality Disorder (9:31) more
Anxiety Disorder Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks: TED (15:37) more
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ADHD: Finding What Works for Me (Child) (TED) (12:01) more; The Signs of Adult ADHD (Adult) (10:07) more
Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome The 3 Traits of Psychosis [& What They Feel Like] (12:55) more
Autism Spectrum Disorder Meet the Experts: Autism Explained - A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder (11:21) more
Avoidant Personality Disorder I Have Avoidant Personality Disorder (19:06) more
Avoidant & Restrictive Food Intake Living with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (10:25) more
Binge Eating Disorder Binge Eating Disorder Triggers and Treatments (9:16) more
Bipolar I Disorder Faces of Bipolar Disorder (Part 2) Bipolar Type I (6:33) more
Bipolar II Disorder Bipolar 1 Disorder or Biplar 2 Disorder - Which is Worse? (6:03) more
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Body Dysmorphia Tik Tok Compilation (Women) (12:55); 4 Signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (Men) (7:25)
Borderline Intelllectual Functioning How much do you know about intellectual disabilities? (TED-15:15) more
Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder: What it Feels Like (11:10) more
Breahing-Related Sleep Disorders Sleep Wake Disorders Part 2: Breathing Related and Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders (24:11) more
Brief Psychotic Disorder Brief Psychotic Disorder (13:33) more
Bulimia Nervosa Help for Woman Suffering from Builimia (The Doctors) (5:10) more
Caffeine-Induced Anxiety Disorder How to Combat Caffeine Addiction: 8 Home Remedies to Cure Caffeine Addiction in 21 Days ((8:14) more
Caffeine Dependence History of Coffee-Global Addiction-Extra History #2 (11:01) more
Caffeine Withdrawal Caffeine Withdrawal - How to Quit Coffee (7:41)
Cannabis (Marijuana) Disorder Cannabis Us Disorder - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology (12:08) more
Catalepsy (Muscular Rigidity and Pain) (Unfortunately, all videos described "catalepsy" as stage-acts of hypnosis, none with medical healing.)
Catatonia (Motor Immobility) Catatonia Symptoms (15:44) more
Catatonic Schizophrenia Interview Catatonic Schizophrenia (10:08)
Central Sleep Apnea Understanding Mechanisms of Central Sleep Apnea (12:08) more
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Childhood Disintegragive Disorder (6:10) more
Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Circadian Rhythm Disorders (11:44) more
Claustrophobia 5 Steps to Stop Claustrophobia (13:35) more
Cocaine Dependence What is Cocaine Addiction Like? (14:23) more
Cognitive Disorder 9 Cognitive Disorders (14:14) more
Communication Disorder Psychiatry Review: Communication Disorders (8:37) more
Conduct Disorder This is Conduct Disorder (13:35) more
Conversion Disorder A patient's journey of recovery from Functional Nerological Disorder at Mass General Hospital (13:31) more
Cyclothymic Disorder Delores Price - A Case Study in Cyclothymic Disorder (9:54) more
Delayed Ejaculation What to do if you can't finish? Delayed Ejaculation (15:12) more
Delerium Patient Delerium Experience: Brian's Story (16:32) more
Delusional (Grandeur) Disorder Delusions of Grandeur (16:32) more
Dementia Living with Young-onset dementia (Young) (10:39); Later stage dementia:Bruce and Jan's Story (Later) (3:34)
Dependent Personality Disorder What is Dependent Personality Disorder? (12:10) more
Depersonalization Disorder What is Derealisation / Deprsonalision? (British) (10:36)
Depression "I'm fine." Learning to live with depression (TED-16:05)
Depressive Personality Disorder Psychologist Ravikanth Rajshri deal with a client having depressive personality disorder (8:14) (only one)
Dermotillomania Skin picking (dermatillomania): Personal experience & how I stopped! (13:34) more
Developmental Coordination Disorder Developmental coordination disorder (11:26)
Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder_Olsen_DR. Thayer_Sept 1 (10:06) more
Disorder of Written Expression Disorder of Written Expression: Living with learning disabiilities (10:10) more
DisruptiveImpulseControl&ConductDisorder Disorders with John Grant (16:47)
Dissociative Amnesia Why Can't I Remember My Childhood? Dissociative Amnesial 101 - Pshychotherapy Crash Course (11:27)
Dissociative (Split) Identity Disorder Dissociative Identity Disorder in Children and Teenagers (multiple personality disorder) (18:02)
Down Syndrome Down Syndrome Journey (8:00)
Dyscalculia How to Help a Chld with Dyscalculia at School or Home (7:47), more; Dyscalculia for Adults (6:31), more
Dyslexia Dyslexia and the Brain (9:35) more; Signs of Dyslexia at Different Ages (5:26) more
Dyspareunia The Clinical Anatomy of Dyspareunia - Yusuf O. Alimi (11:54) more
Dystonia-Medication Induced Dystonia. Rewiring the Brain through movement and dance, Federico Bitti (TED-16:57) more
Elimination Disorder The Poo in You - Constipation and Encopresis Education Video (5:46) more
Encopresis Encoresis/involuntary passing of stool/definition/causes/symptoms/management of encopresis (9:01) more
Enuresis Managing Bedwetting in Children (7:56) more ; How Common is Adult Bedwetting? (3:51) (few, if any, more)
Erectile Disorder Causes of Erectile Dysfunction over 50 (7:03)
Excoriaton Disorder Excoriation (Skin Picking) Disorder Management (Part 1) (12:26) more
Exhibitionism Psychosexual Disorder Exhibitionism is a Mental Health Condition (13:12) more
Expressive Language Disorder Jordan - Goal 3: Receptive and Expressive Language (10:00) more
Factitious Disorder Dirty Dozen on Factitious Disorder and Malingering (13:18) more
Female Orgasmic Disorder What is Female Orgasmic Dysfunction and Disorder (FOD)? Symptoms/Causes/Diagnosis/Treatment ((6:44)
Female Sexual-Arousal Interest Disorder Understanding Femaile Sexual Arousal Disorder II Health Tips 2020 (9:40) more
Fetishistic Disorder Fetishistic Disorders (13:51) more
Fronto-Temporal Cognitive Disorder 60 Minutes Archive: Frontotemporal Dementia (14:06) more
Frotteuristic Disorder Frotteurism Counseling-APA Parody (19:05) more
Gambling Disorder 10 Signs You are Addicted to Gambling: Stop Addiction to Casinos and Online (16:30) more
Gender Dysphoria Understanding Gender Dysphoria in Children and Teens with Dr.Daniels/CHOC (4:02) more
General Adaptation Syndrome Stress & the HPA Axis (16:07) more
Generalized Anxiety Disorder What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder? (GAD) (15:05) more
Genito-Pelvic Pain Disorder Evaluation of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women - Part 1 (10:170 more
Hallucinations What hallucination reveals about our minds. / Oliver Sacks (TED-18:46) more
Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD): What You Need to Know (16:41) more
Histrionic Personality Disorder What is Histrionic Personality Disorder? Symptoms and Treatment Explained (15:33) more
HIV Infection Disorder HIV and AIDs: Infection Stages, Pathology and Treatment, Animation (5:11) more
Hoarding (Compulsive) Disorder Hoarding Disorder: Mayo Clinic Radio (9:53) more
Huntington's Disease Living with Juvenile Huntington's Disease (9:44); Huntington's Disease Treatment/Prof. Roger Barker (11:22)
Hyperkinesis Diagnosing and Treating Hyperkineic Movement Disorders (3:52) a few more
Hypersomnia-Hypersomnolence Disorder Breakthroughs in the management of Idiopathic Hypersomnia: The Future is Now (13:27) few more
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Management of Hypoactive Sexual Desire order in Women (4:38); Male Desire Order, Dr. Albaugh (2:27)
Hypocondriasis-Hypochondria Illness Anxiety Disorder or Hypchondraisisor Health Anxiety or Hypochondria (12:27) more
Hypomanic Episode How it feels to have Hypomania/Laura's Mental Health Story (4:23);Medical Shots Mania v Hypomania (4:23)
Illness Anxiety Disorder (Hypochondria) (See hypochondria above.)
Impulse Control Disorder Treatment Challenges of Impulse Control Behavioral Disorders with John Grant (16:47) more
Inhalant Use Disorder Inhalant Use Disorder-Ariell DeSure, MD (18:55)
Insomnia Insomnia: when you've tried everything and still can't sleep (10:17) more
Intellectual Development Disorder Intellectual Disability and Scientific Research: from diagnosis to treatment (21:09) more
Intermittent Explosive Disorder Intermittent Explosive Disorder - an illness in which a person gets aggressive without a reason (10:04) more
Internet Gaming Disorder Does video gaming ruin peoples' lives? Antonius van Rooij (TED-10:00) more
Intoxication, Substance Induced Substance Abuse, Intoxication & Withdrawal, Uppers Downers & Hallucinogens MDMA LSD PCP (15:46) more
Kleptomania KLEPTOMANIA (Habitual Stealing) (10:10) more
Korsakoff's Syndrome A Closer Look at Korsakoff's Syndrome-Part 1 (12:46) more
Language Disorder What Causes Speech and Language Disorders? (11:26) more
Learning Disabilities-Learning Disorder What Causes Learning Disabilities? (8:19) more
Lewy Bodies Disorder The Painful Truth about Lewy Body Dementia-A Personal Story ((16:33) more
Major Depressive Disorder What is Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) (17:31) more
Major Depressive Episode Major Depresssive Episode - Self-Care Strategies/HealthyPlace (5:29) only video
Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Low sexual desire in men - causes and treatment. What is hypoactive sexual desire disorder (15:04) more
Mania 13 Signs You're In A Manic Eposode/Bipolar Disorder (19:09) more
Medication-Induced Movement Disorders Drug-Induced Movement Disorders (9:46) more
Minor Depressive Disorder What is a Minor Depressive Disorder? What does Minor Depressive Disorder mean? (6:58) only video
Motor Disorders Functional Movement Disorders-You're Not Alone. (14:03) more
Morbid/Pathological/Obsessive Jealousy Pathological Jealousy (13:11) more
Narcissistic Personality Disorder 10 Things to Identify Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (18:37) more
Narcolepsy Doctors with Narcolepsy (9:55) more
Neurodevelopmental Disorder Neurodevelopmental Disorders (brief introduction) (15:31) more
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome- Def, Pathophysiology, Clinical Manifestations, etc. (12:06) more
Nicotine or Tobacco-Related Dependence Neurobiology of Nicotine Addiction by Dr. Namrata Jagtap (19:27)
Night Eating Syndrome Night Eating Syndrome: Part 3, The Soluton (15:22)
Nightmare Disorder How the Brain Works: Sleep Disorders (Recurring Nightmares) (10:12) more
Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Disorder Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep/NREM/Quiescent Sleep (11:29); REM vs. NREM Sleep(4:35) some more
Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Self-Harm Undertanding Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (11:27) more
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? (10:23) more
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder vs. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (7:13) more
Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Obstructive Sleep Apnea Explained Clearly - Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Treatment (11:30) more
Oneirophrenia Onierophrenia/Award Winning Film/Brainwash/Lockdown Project (1:53) May or may not be appropriate.
Opioid Overdose Responding to Opioid Overdose (9:43) more
Opioid Use Disorder Opioid Dependence & Opioid Use Disorder (14:00) more
Oppositinal Defiant Disorder What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder? How to Deal with Opppositional Defiant Disorder (9:34) more
Orthorexia Nervosa (Only too-healthy foods) Orthorexia: When "clean eating" becomes unhealthy (9:23) more
Pain (Somatic) Disorder Somatic Spectrum Disorders: Somatic Pain, Hypochondriasis, Factitious Disorder (17:45) more
Panic Disorder Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder/DSM-5/ Diagnosis, symptoms and Treatment (11:12) more
Paranoid Personality Disorder Paranoid Personality Disorder-The Best Treatment Options (7:42) more
Paraphilia (Sexually-Related) Disorders Lecture 14; Part 3 Paraphilic Disorders - Dr NiCole T. Buchanan (18:04) more
Parasomnia Meet the Experts: Sleep Disorders Explained (12:13) more
Parkinson's Disease Parkinson's Disease: Adversity or Adventure? / Bob Kuhn (TED 16:20) more
Pathological Gambling Disorder Compulsive Gambling (11:27) more
Pedophilia What is Pedophilic Disorder (17:51) more
Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder Lost in Loss: A Window into the Grieving Brain/Zoe Donaldson (TED-10:23) move
Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia) Life with Persistent Depressive Disorder/Dysthymia (Symptoms & My Antidepressants) (12:12) more
Personality Disorder Short Films about Mental Health-Personality Disorders (15:25) more
Phencylidine-PCP Related Disorder Street Drugs - PCP (Phencyclidine - Users, Use and Effects (9:35) more
Phobias-Phobic Disorders What are Phobias? (Specific Phobia Disorder)? (10:11) more
Phonological (Speech Sounds) Disorders Discussing Speech Sound Development (11:07) more
Pica-Eating (Non-Nutrient Foods) Eat Chalk? Watch This!!! My Weird Pica journey (18:11) more; Pica Eating Disorder In Children (3:17) more
Postpartum/Peripartum Depression Parenting through Pospartum Depression/Camille Mehta (TED-15:41) more
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Managing Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (16:33) more
Premature Ejaculation Premature Ejaculaton (13:59) more
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder If You Suffer from Premenstrual Dysphoria-Watch This (9:47) more
Psychotic Disorder-Psychosis Psychotic Disorders: Current Concepts and Therapeutics (Q & A) (14:49) more
Pyromania What is Pyromania? Pyromania meaning, definition & . . . (6:03) one more - other than a song "Pyromania"
Reactive Attachment Disorder Reactive Attachment Disorders-Parents (2:38);Answers to RAD-Where do adults with RAD go for help? (7:50)
Reading Disorder What are the signs of a Reading Disorder? (14:48) more
Relational Disorder Relational Disorders: Can Relationships have Mental Illness? Truth about Psychiatry and DSM ((12:20) more
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (Act Out Dreams) Video Abstract Parent Child Relational Problem (3:39); The Undiagnosed Patient/ Relational Trauma (3:39)
Restless Legs Syndrome Restless Legs Syndrome/Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment (8:29);Restless Legs . . . Kids (1:01)
Rumination (Regurgitation) of Foods Syndrome Rumination/Eating Disorders/. . . /Rumination Disorder (7:51) more
Sadistic Personality Sadist Personality Dsorder & the Meaning of Cruelty (7:25) more
Schizoaffective Disorder ("Schizo" means "split".) Schizophrenia vs. Schisoprheniform vs. Schizoaffective vs. Schizoid vs. Schizotypal (14:14) several
Schizoid Personality Disorder Schizophrenia vs. Schisoprheniform vs. Schizoaffective vs. Schizoid vs. Schizotypal (14:14) several
Schizophrenia Schizophrenia vs. Schisoprheniform vs. Schizoaffective vs. Schizoid vs. Schizotypal (14:14) several
Schizophreniform Disorder Schizophrenia vs. Schisoprheniform vs. Schizoaffective vs. Schizoid vs. Schizotypal (14:14) several
Schizotypal Personality Disorder Schizophrenia vs. Schisoprheniform vs. Schizoaffective vs. Schizoid vs. Schizotypal (14:14) several
Seasonal Affective (Pattern) Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment (15:47) more
Sexual Masochism Disorder Sexual Masochism Disorder - Psyc 381 (9:16) more
Sexual Sadism Disorder Sexual Sadism Disorder and Violent Offending - Psych 410 Term Project (7:14) more
Sedatives-Hypnotics-Anxiolytics Introduction - Sedatives, Hypnotics & Anxiolytics (9:40) more
Selective Mutism Selective mutism: my 4 years old child doesn't speak, story of a mum (12:19) more
Separation Anxiety Disorder S.S.A.D-Social Separation Anxiety Disorder-Nevermore Trail (13:24); Separation Anxiety PSA (Child) (2:01)
Sleep Disorder The Rise of Sleep Disorders and What We Can Do About It/Teagan Youmans (TED-13:00)
Sleep Disorder-Night Terrors Disorder Night Terrors-Boys Town Pediatrics (1:47); Night Terrors or Nightmares? Sleep Disorders Explained (7:38)
Sleep-Related Hypoventilation Ventilation (V), Hypoventilation & Hyperventilation/Pulmonary Medicine (14:08) more
Sleepwalking Disorder Is it Dangerous to Wake Up a Sleepwalker? (10:46) more
Social Anxiety Disorder Social Anxiety: Here's How to Spot the Signs (11:37) more
Social (Prgmatic) Communication Disorder Where to Start when Teaching Social Skills and Making Pragmatic Language Goals in Speech (10:58) more
Sociopathic-Antisocial Personality Disorder 10 Signs You're Dealing with a Sociopath (11:13) more
Somatic Symptom Disorder Body Talk: Stories of Somatization (Full Video) (17:34) more
Specific Learning Disorder Difference between Learning Disability and Learning Disorder (3:00);H
Specific Phobia Child Specific Phobia Disorder (4:05); Specific Phobia (4:01) more
Speech Sound Disorder Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children (2:48); Articulation vs. Phonological Disorders (5:09)
Spousal Abuse or Neglect Emotionally Neglected in Marriage (10:47); It's time to Talk about Psychological & Verbal Abuse (TED-10:01)
Stereotypic Movement Disorder Complex Motor Stereotypes-Olivia's Story. . . (3:53); My Stereotypic Movement Disorder (11;30) more
Stimulant Intoxication What Happens when you Overdose? (5:52) more
Stimulant-Related Use Disorders Stimulant-Related Disorders (12:13)
Substance/Medicaiton Related Disorder Substance Use Disorders (Dopamine) (14:43) more
Suicidal Behavior Disorders Mood Disorders and Suicide/Psychology (4:05);Suicide PreventionTreatment (4:09)
Suicide Risk-Based on Other Disorders Parent Video: Youth Suicide Risk (11:34) more
Tardive Dyskinesia Meet Jeff, Living with Tardive Dyskinesia (6:40); Tardive Dyskinesia Symptoms and Information ((2:42)
Tic Disorders Transient Tic Disorder Causes, Symptom, Diagnosis (5:43); Stress, Anxiety, tics and behavioural therapy (3:50)
Tobacco-Related Disorders Tobacco: How it Kills (21:44) more
Tourette Syndrome Living with Tourette Syndrome: My Story (7:47);
Transvestic Disorder Sexual Disorders Transvestite (10:37); more
Trichotillomania Overcoming Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling): The Power of Awareness (TED-1o:59) more
Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder Signs and Symptoms of Vascular Diseas with Vascular Specialist (2:31)' Mild Cognitive Impairment (17:16)
Vaginismus (Fear of Penetration) Vaginismus Explained #53 (19:00); more
Voyeuristic Disorder ("Peeping Tom") Voyeuristic Disorder - Eileen Veilleux The Fam (14:52) more
Withdrawal From Substance Alcohol Wthdrawal Syndrome and Delirium Tremens (8:04); Drug-Dependent Infants Detox in Tenn. (7:09)