The books below describe each diagnosis. They are available on Amazon.

The book titles below are taken from Amazon, because Amazon is an international resource. I tried to find at least one paperback selling for less than $20 for each diagnosis. If the book costs more than $30.00, I have listed that. You may also find books that are “audiobooks” or “Kindle” (read after downloading), that is listed also. Your own library may have a copy for no charge. Some libraries also offer “Interlibrary Loan” where they can borrow books for you.

Most of the books have been published since 2015, so they should have relatively-current medical information about your diagnosis.

Due to the short amount of space to list the author and the book, I have only listed one author for each book, even if there were more authors. If I shortened the title of the book, I added periods (. . .)after the last word in the title.

As the author, I tried to find useful but inexpensive books relevant to each of the diagnoses. They are available through Amazon, your local library(ies) or local bookstore(s); only the titles are listed below.

Diagnosis Titles Books on these Brain Health Diagnosis
Abuse-Adult Rebecca Mandeville, Rejected, Shamed & Blamed; Steven Farmer, Adult Children of Abusive Parents
Abuse-Child Jessie, Please Tell: A Child's Story about Sexual Abuse; The Adverse Childhood Experiences Recovery Workbook
Acute Distreess Disorders
Adjustment Disorder Sherry Bonnice:Adjustment Disorders; Daniel Araoz, Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy for Adjustment Disorders
Adjustment-Like Disorders Gabi Garcia, Listening to my Body: Kids . . . Sensations
Agoraphobia Jason Finley, Agoraphobia; Elke Zuercher-White, The Agorphobia Workbook
Akathesia - Medication Induced
Alcohol Withdrawal Ema Hawkins, Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Alcoholism Linda Burlison, Understanding Alcoholism as a Brain Disease; Ashley Rosebloom, Alcoholic Spouse
Alzheimer's Disesase Peter J. Rabins, Is It Alzheimer's?: 101 Answers . .;Nancy Mace, 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring For Alzheimers
Amphetamine Dependence Lawrence Clayton, Amphetamines and Other Stimulants; Luke Williams: Ice Age . . Crystal Meth Addiction
Anorexia Nervosa Lindsey Hall, Anorexia Nervosa . . ; Lara Lyn Bell, By Their Side: A Resource for Caretakers . .
Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome Suzanna Stinnett, The People's Safety Guide to Antidepressants . . ;
Antisocial Personality Disorder Clayton Geoffreys, Antisocial Personality Disorder . . (Only Kindle or Audiobook); Linda Budd, I'm OK, You're Not OK
Anxiety Disorder Catherine Pittman, Rewire Your Anxious Brain . .;Tabitha Chansard, Conquer Anxiety Workbook for Teens
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Steve Herman, A Dragon with ADHD; Phil Boissiere, Thriving with Adult ADHD; Peg Dawson, Smart by Scattered
Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome Huijun Li, Handbook of Attenuated Psychosis Syndrome . . (There is a paperback at $24.99.)
Autism Spectrum Disorder Elizabeth Reeve, The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder;Albert Knapp, Parenting . . With ASD.
Avoidant Personality Disorder Daniel Gros, Overcoming Avoidance Workbook . .
Avoidant & Restrictive Food Intake Jennifer Thomas, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder
Binge Eating Disorder Nina Savelle-Rocklin, The Binge Cure; Meryl Hershey Beck, Stop Eating Your Heart Out
Bipolar I Disorder Molly McHugh, Bipolar I (1) Disorder, How to Survive and Thrive
Bipolar II Disorder Stephanie McMurrich Roberts, Bipolar II Disorder Workbook
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Brian Cuban, Shattered Image . . ; Scott Granet, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Mine and Yours
Borderline Intelllectual Functioning
Borderline Personality Disorder Sylvia Jacob, Borderine Personality Disorder; Judy Dyer, Borderline Personality Disorder
Breathing-Related Sleep Disorders Steven Lamberg, Treat the Cause . . Treat the Airway; Steven Parks, Sleep Interrupted . .
Brief Psychotic Disorder Tara Michener, Teen Life Crisis
Bulimia Nervosa Frederick Earlstein, Eating Disorders Explained; Joanna Buckman, Bulimia Nervosa and Eating Disorder . .
Caffeine-Induced Anxiety Disorder Shalondra Burse, Caffeine-Induced Anxiety Disorder . .; (Only one shown on Amazon)
Caffeine Dependence Daniel Rogers, Caffeine Addiction Cure . . ; George K. , The Ultimate Guide to Overcome Caffeine Addiction . .
Caffeine Withdrawal Stephen Cherniske, Caffeine Blues . .
Cannabis (Marijuana) Disorder Epic Love Books, Excessive Cannabis Disorder
Catalepsy (Muscular Rigidity and Pain) Health Central, Reversing Catalepsy. . .
Catatonia (Motor Immobility)
Catatonic Schizophrenia Rema Lure, Catatonic Schizophrenia; Charles Morton, You Are Not Alone
Central Sleep Apnea Didrixandra Nassi, Causes of Sleep Apnea (Including Central; Kindle Edition Only)
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder Peter Smith, Sleep Better with Natural Remedies . . ; Chris Idzikowski, How to Sleep Well
Claustrophobia Tom Bunn, Panic Free: The 10-Day Program to End Panic, Anxiety and Claustrophobia
Cocaine Dependence Jack Trimpy, The Small Book . . Overcoming Alcohol & Drug Dependence; Johann Hari, Chasing the Scream-Addiction
Cognitive Disorder Lyubov Rysovana, Diagnostics of Emotional and Cognitive Disorders
Communication Disorder William Haynes, Understanding . . Communication Disorders
Conduct Disorder Subhash Bhatnagar, Neruoscience for the Study of Communication Disorders
Conversion Disorder Ruth Herman Wells, Anti-xocial Youth and Conduct Disorders
Cyclothymic Disorder Duane Keagan, Understanding Cyclothemia and BiPolar Disorder
Delayed Ejaculation Ben Mark, End Delayed Ejaculation: Learn How to Live a Happier Sex Life
Delerium Laura Finn, All about Coping with Confusion: Delerium and Dementia
Delusional (Grandeur) Disorder Sara Parker, Tame My Viking Brain; George Graham, The Disordered Mind
Dementia The Caregiver's Guide to Dementia . .; Mary Moller, Alzheimer's Through the Stages
Dependent Personality Disorder Robert Bornstein, The Dependent Personality
Depersonalization Disorder Kevin Klix, A Guide to Conquering Depresonalization . .
Depression Alex Korb, The Upward Spiral; Thomas Anderson, The Vulnerable Man
Depressive Personality Disorder Todd Finnerty, The Depressive Personality
Dermotillomania Laura Barton, Project Dermatillomania, The Stories Behind our Scars
Developmental Coordination Disorder Amanda Kirby, The Adolescent with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder; ChristineDraperMy Friend Josh has DCD
Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder
Disorder of Written Expression Cheri Dotterer, Handwriting Brain-Body Disconnect; Kathleen Teacher, How to Write a Paragraph
DisruptiveImpulseControl&ConductDisorder Bryan Smith, What Were You Thinking; Steve Herman, Teach Your Dragon Manners
Dissociative Amnesia Su Meck, I Forgot to Remember
Dissociative (Split) Identity Disorder Deborah Bray Bray Haddock, Dissociative Identity Disorder
Down Syndrome Dennis McGuire, Mental Wellness in Adults with Down Syndrome; Nancy Schwartz, Up, Not Down, Syndrome
Dyscalculia Math Workbook for Kids with Dyscalculia (by Grade); J Emerson, Understanding Dyscalculia & Numeracy Difficulties
Dyslexia Sally Shaywitz, Overcoming Dyslexia; Gavin Reid, The Dyslexia Workbook for Adults
Dyspareunia (Vaginal Pain in Intercourse) Deborah Coady, Healing Painful Sex . .; Claudia Amherd, 7 Steps to Pain-Free Sex . .
Dystonia-Medication Induced Tom Seaman, Diagnosis Dystonia; Daniel Truong, Living Well with Dystonia
Elimination Disorder Edward Christopherson, Elimination Disorders in Children and Adolescents
Encopresis Wendy Hayden, Dash's Belly Ache, Sophia Ferguson, Stool Withholding
Enuresis Tolu Joseph, Enuresis: A Distressing Disorder
Erectile Disorder Michael Metz, Coping with Erectile Dysfunction . .
Excoriaton Disorder Krista Reed, Skin Picking Sammie . .; Caesar Lincoln, The Ultimate Skin Picking Curing Guide . .
Exhibitionism Psychosexual Disorder
Expressive Language Disorder Angeline Gormley, Expressive Language Disorder
Factitious Disorder Frederick Nolan, Factitious Disorders . .
Female Orgasmic Disorder Linda Weiner, Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy . .
Female Sexual-Arousal Interest Disorder John Thomas, Inspire Your Marriage
Fetishistic Disorder Geraldine Akerman, Assessing and Managing Problematic Sexual Interests
Fronto-Temporal Cognitive Disorder Jerry Beller, Frontotemporal Related Dementia
Frotteuristic Disorder
Gambling Disorder C. W. V. Straaton, The Gambling Addiction Recovery Workbook
Gender Dysphoria Adrienne J, Transgender 101 . .
General Adaptation Syndrome Human Adaptation to Exreme Stress
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Matthew McCay, Overcoming Generalized Anxiety Disorder . .
Genito-Pelvic Pain Disorder Julia Reeve, Living With Sex
Hallucinations Oliver Sacks, Hallucinations
Hallucinogen Persisting Perception David Gracciano, HPPD: My Experience: Hallucinogen Persisting Percption Disorder
Histrionic Personality Disorder Clayton Geoffreys, Histrionic Personality Disorder
HIV Infection Disorder Rusi Jaspal, Sexual Health, Self-Identity and Wellbeing among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Hoarding (Compulsive) Disorder Eileen Dacey, Reclaim Your Life From Hoarding
Huntington's Disease Beller Health, 2019 Huntington's Disease
Hyperkinesis Mark A. Stewart, Raising a Hyperkinetic Child
Hypersomnia-Hypersomnolence Disorder Louisen Figrandis, Causes of Hypersomnia . .
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Patrick Kimuyu, Understanding Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
Hypocondriasis-Hypochondria John Hill, Hypochondriasis
Hypomanic Episode Brooke Baron, A beginner's Guide to Being Bipolar
Illness Anxiety Disorder (Hypochondria) Katherine Owens, Overcoming Health Anxiety: Letting Go of Your Fear of Illness
Impulse Control Disorder Jon Grant, Impulse Control Disorders . .; Lauren Brukner, The Kid's Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control. .
Inhalant Use Disorder Waln Brown, Kids Who Use Inhalants . .; Beverly Robinson, Manual on Inhalers, Inhalations and Inhalants . .
Insomnia Stephanie Silberman, The Insomnia Workbook
Intellectual Development Disorder Michael McManmon, Mploy-Job Readiness . . For Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum
Intermittent Explosive Disorder Raymond Tafrate, Anger Management for Everyone,
Internet Gaming Disorder Frank Greenagel, Video Gaming Addiction 101 . .
Intoxication, Substance Induced A New Beginning Recovery Card Game
Kleptomania Will Cupchik, Why Usually Honest People Steal . .
Korsakoff's Syndrome Lyndsay Leatherdale, Korsakoff's or Wernicke Korsakoff Syndrome Explained . .
Language Disorder Daniel Franklin, Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities-Learning Disorder Jack Fletcher, Learning Disabilities, Second Edition . .
Lewy Bodies Disorder Helen Whitworth, A caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia
Major Depressive Disorder Sstephen Strakowski, Major Depressive Disorder (Paperback-$44.95);
Major Depressive Episode Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Handbook of Depression in Adolescents
Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Sandra Leiblum, Treating Sexual Dsire Disorders (No Paperback Edition, Hardback, $37.33 if New)
Medication-Induced Movement Disorders Joseph Friedman, Medication-Induced Movement Disorders ($40+)
Minor Depressive Disorder Diana Candea, (Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy=REBT) REBT . . in Subclinical and Clinical Depression
Motor Disorders Anne Shumway Cook, Motor Control (Full Body Control $82.88 Hardback)Emma Eppard, Motor Matters . . Autistic Son
Morbid/Pathological/Obsessive Jealousy Philip Relation, Jealousy in Relationship . .
Narcissistic Personality Disorder Cynthia Goodman, The Everything Guide to the Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Narcolepsy Amanda Stock, My Dad Naps, Too!; Claire Crisp, Waking Mathilda: A Memoir of Childhood Narcolepsy
Neurodevelopmental Disorder Leonard Field, Succinct Pediatrics . .
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome Victoria Allen: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome: . .
Nicotine or Tobacco-Related Dependence James Hanson, Nicotine Addiction Cure . . (Kindle Edition Only)
Night Eating Syndrome Anthea Peries, Night Eating Syndrome: Why You Eat to Fall Esleep & 30-Day Food Journal
Nightmare Disorder Lex Nover, Nightmareland
Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Disorder Mark Richardson, Clinicians Guide to Pediatric Sleep Disorders
Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Self-Harm Leigh Bagwell, 15-Minute Focus: Self-Harm and Self-Injury . .
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Tyson Reuter: Standing up to OCD (for Kids); Catherine Pittman, Rewird Your OCD Brain ..
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Clayton Geoffreys, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder
Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Mrityunjay Sharma, A Concise Book on Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Opioid Overdose Milton Harrison, Substance Abuse Opioids . .
Opioid Use Disorder Dept of Health & Human Services: Decisions in Recovery . .
Oppositional Defiant Disorder Douglas Riley, The Defiant Child . .
Orthorexia Nervosa (Only too-healthy foods) Steven Bratman: Health Food Junkies . .
Pain (Somatic) Disorder Livia Shapiro, The Somatic Therapy Workbook . .
Panic Disorder Elena Walsh, The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Panic Attacks
Paranoid Personality Disorder Martin Kantor, Understanding Paranoia . .
Paraphilia (Sexually-Related) Disorders Fiona Ross, Perversion
Parasomnia Anthony Hughes: Parasomnia
Parkinson's Disease Michele Tagliati, Parkinson's Disease for Dummies
Pathological Gambling Disorder Sharon Begley, Just Can't Stop: An Investigation of Compulsion
Pedophilia Anna Marr, Recovering from Pedophilia
Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder Steve Case, Hardcore Grief Recovery . .
Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia) J. Kim Penberthy, Persistent Depressive Disorders
Personality Disorder Daniel Fox, Diagnosis & Treatment of Personality Disorders
Phencylidine-PCP Related Disorder Christine Poulos, The Truth about PCP
Phobias-Phobic Disorders J Bourne, The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
Phonological (Speech Sounds) Disorders John Bernthal, Articulation and Phonological Disorders;
Pica-Eating (Non-Nutrient Foods) Jane Connor. Pica Eating, (Kindle Only, $2.99)
Postpartum/Peripartum Depression Laurie Vargum, It Wasn't Supposed to be like this: A Pospartum Depression Survival Guide . .
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Glenn Schiraldi, The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook . .
Premature Ejaculation Oliver Michael, Premature Ejaculaton . .
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Sally Smith, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder . .
Psychotic Disorder-Psychosis Charles Steven, Psychoti Disorder Bible
Pyromania Joanna Foster, Children and Teenagers who Set Fires
Reactive Attachment Disorder Jessie Hogsett, Detached: Surviving Reactive Attachment Disorder
Reading Disorder Daniel Franklin, Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities
Relational Disorder Tian Dayton, Relational Trauma Repair
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (Act Out Dreams)
Restless Legs Syndrome Schanager Rudy, Restless Legs Syndrome
Rumination/(Regurgitation) Syndrome Kenneth Kee, A Simple Guide to Rumination Syndrome . . (Kindle Only, No Paperback)
Sadistic Personality David Copperson, Sadism and Sociopathy . . (Kindle and Audiobook Only)
Schizoaffective Disorder Guenevere MacDonald, Schizoaffective Disorder . .
Schizoid Personality Disorder G. P. Pacana, Wounded Personalities . .
Schizophrenia E. Fuller Torrey, Surviving Schizophrenia
Schizophreniform Disorder Michael Sadler, From Hopeless to Hopeful-A Journal about Overcoming Schizophreniform Disorder
Schizotypal Personality Disorder Mesloub Iheb, Schizotypal Personality Disorder Journal . .
Seasonal Affective (Pattern) Disorder Antiana Dinzel, Ideas to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder . .
Sexual Masochism Disorder Comprehensive Health Practice with Sex Offenders and their Families (Paperback, Prices Vary)
Sexual Sadism Disorder M Carolyn Hilarski, Comprehensive Health Practice with Sex Offenders and their Families (Paperback, Prices Vary)
Selective Mutism Ruth Perednik: Selective Mutism Treatment Guide; Stephen Quinlan, Raising Voices ..
Separation Anxiety Disorder Silvia Schneider, What to do when you don't want to Be Apart;
Sleep Disorder Jason Douglas, Sleep: How to Unleash Sleep . .
Sleep Disorder-Night Terrors Disorder Adams Media, he Nightmare Dictionary: . . (Paperback is available.)
Sleep-Related Hypoventilation Kenneth Kee, A Simple Guide to Hypoventilation Syndrome . . (Kindle Only, No Paperback)
Sleepwalking Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder Tabatha Chansard, Conquer Anxiety Workbook for Teens
Social (Prgmatic) Communication Disorder Sponsored, Think Like a Warrior . .
Sociopathic-Antisocial Personality Disorder Margo Davidson, How is Dan Doing? . . An Antisocial Personality Disorder . .
Somatic Symptom Disorder Wikipedia Contributors, Stress (On Kindle Only)
Specific Learning Disorder Robert Reid, Strategy Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities . .
Specific Phobia Edmund Bourne, Overcoming Specific Phobia
Speech Sound Disorder Janine Toole, Following Directions (Grades 3-6) . .
Spousal Abuse or Neglect Amy White, Gaslighting Recovery Workbook
Stereotypic Movement Disorder
Stimulant Intoxication W. Marcet, On Chronic Alcoholic Intoxication . .
Stimulant-Related Use Disorders McFarland Health Topics, The Amphetamine Debate . .
Substance/Medication Related Disorder Ed Gogek, Marijuana Debunked; Carol Colleran, Aging and Addiction . .
Suicidal Behavior Disorders Hope Gorden, The Suicidal Thoughts Workbook
Suicide Risk-Based on Other Disorders David Pratt, CBT Toolbox for Depressed, Anxious & Suicidal Children and Adolescents
Tardive Dyskinesia Health Central, Reversing Tardive Dyskinesia . .
Tic Disorders Uttom Chowdhury, Tic Disorders
Tobacco-Related Disorders Kenneth Perkins, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Smoking Cessation
Tourette Syndrome Sandra Buffolano, Coping With Tourette Syndrome . .
Transvestic Disorder Kelley Winters, Gender Madness in American Psychiatry
Trichotillomania Ruth Golomb, The Hair Pulling "Habit" and You . .
Vascular Neurocognitive Disorder Frederick Earlstein, Dementia . .
Vaginismus (Fear of Penetration) Katrin with Love, Vaginismus: Breaking the Cycle of Pain
Voyeuristic Disorder ("Peeping Tom")
Withdrawal From Substance Robert Hickle, Alcoholism & Addiction Recovery (Volume 2) . .