Overcoming My Inattentive ADHD!


  • There are approximately two million students, mostly girls, who have been diagnosed with “Inattentive ADHD.”
  • Many researchers believe that these students lack the neurochemical, “norepinephrine,” which quickens the blood-flow into the brain.
  • The lack of norepinephrine keeps the students from being attentive, organized and thorough in their schoolwork, in other activities in the home and even with their friends.
  • This download shows what happens in the brain, how that affects behaviors, and new behaviors to combat the lack of norepinephrine.
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Actually, studying Inattentive ADHD was a second effort after understanding how Hyperactive ADHD affected students. Hyperactive ADHD affects mostly boys, but there are others, often girls whose behavior was also different from their own peers. The girls with “inattentive ADHD,” were usually quiet and less-responsive to the invitations and requests of others. They are less-likely to be on-time, well-organized and thoughtful. They were more likely to be forgetful and careless. But these behaviors were not the fault of the girls – it is because their minds work differently from the minds of others.

Once the girls and their parents can understand the basis for the unusual behaviors, there should no longer be anger, blame or punishment. Imagine that the blood flowing from the heart into the brain is like water from a hose. Putting a thumb partly over the end of the water-hose, restricts the flow of water-but compels the water to shoot out with more force. The water shoots farther, higher and with greater concentration. When norepinephrine is usually produced and provided into the brain regularly, it makes the blood shoot into the brain with more force as well. When the norepinephrine is not provided evenly, the blood flow is less intense, and is less productive.

Students with inattentive ADHD can benefit from projects broken into smaller units, more guidance in how to complete the projects, and more support when they are able to complete the projects adequately. Over time, and with careful guidance, their behaviors can become more typical of others who are of their own ages and levels of development.

Disclaimers: No drugs are included. This program has not been medically reviewed. This program can supplement drugs or replace failed drugs. If you have a care-provider, please consult that person about the program.


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