Spouse Abuse and Neglect

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In the initial tension building stage, the signs of abuse are beginning to appear. The abuser and the victim may have more arguments, accusations begin, and the victim begins to feel as if she does nothing right. In fact, if she disagrees with her spouse, she becomes fearful of making the situation worse.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: 48-Spouse Abuse or Neglect
Diagnosis: The Wikipedia article title is “Domestic Violence.”
US Patients:
World Patients: The less sexual equality, the more likely abuse against women. 1993-UN opposed wife-beating.
Sex Ratio: 90+%? Against women. The world has been slow to change.
Age Onset: 
Brain Area: defined as,”all physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence against a family member or intimate partner.” “Family abuse” includes abuse against children and the elderly.
Therapies: Mobile apps and court systems are now recognizing domestic violence more.

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  • The Association Between Polyvictimization in Childhood and Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse in Adulthood
    by Ahyoung Song on February 7, 2022

    The main purpose of this study was to examine the association of family polyvictimization in childhood with the victimization or perpetration of spousal abuse and the perpetration of child abuse in adulthood. While associations between maltreatment in childhood and subsequent perpetration or victimization in adulthood are well documented, their association with polyvictimization in childhood (i.e., experiencing multiple types of victimization) has received less attention. This research aims to...

  • COVID-19 patient care predicts nurses' parental burnout and child abuse: Mediating effects of compassion fatigue
    by Margaret C Stevenson on January 4, 2022

    CONCLUSIONS: Theoretical implications and practical implications for medical practice and child abuse prevention are discussed.

  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting
    by Munaza Batool Rizvi on January 1, 2022

    Unfortunately, child abuse and maltreatment is a significant Pennsylvania problem. Substantial morbidity and mortality is associated with child abuse due to a child's inability to protect themselves. Healthcare providers frequently miss a large amount of child abuse cases. For the diagnosis of child abuse to be made, a reasonable cause of suspicion is needed. Pennsylvania has created a legal structure and educational approach to assure health providers are able to identify abuse and neglect and...

  • Adversity Over the Life Course: A Comparison Between Women and Men Who Died by Suicide
    by Monique Séguin on August 27, 2021

    Purpose: This study sets out to compare the presence of life events across different domains throughout the life course which may contribute to the burden of adversity experienced differently among men and women who died by suicide. Method: In a sample of 303 individuals (213 men and 90 women), data was derived from extensive clinical interviews conducted with informants. Models allowed the identification of patterns of life trajectories. Results: Overall, the burden of adversity was similar...