Sexual Masochism Disorder

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Sexual masochism involves acts in which a person experiences sexual excitement from being humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise abused. Sexual masochism disorder is sexual masochism that causes significant distress or substantially interferes with daily functioning.


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  • Asphyxiophilic death due to masochistic behaviour in a video game addict teen: A case report and reviews
    by Bajrang K Singh on January 19, 2023

    The disorder of internet gaming is increasingly being blamed on major psychological problems affecting youth. Action video games are enjoyable for masochists. Video game chores that practise bondage and other acts that cause pain and anoxia may be masochistic in nature in order to promote player satisfaction. Asphyxia will result in pleasure in asphyxiophilia, a dangerous and occasionally lethal form of sexual masochism. Constriction of the neck with ligature materials is a frequent method of...

  • Masochism
    by Dominique Bourdin on December 19, 2022

    This text presents how Freud thinks about the masochism. In 1915, it is the return of active sadism in a passive drive which is characteristic of masochism, always secondary. In 1919, he sees in masochism the genesis of perversions. And the article of 1924 knows a primary masochism and distinguishes erotogenic masochism, feminine masochism and moral masochism. After Freud, many studies of clinical forms of masochism can be noted, and in France there is a thesis about the masochism as a first...

  • The work of Benno Rosenberg
    by Denys Ribas on December 19, 2022

    Benno Rosenberg's work has been little translated into English. Yet, his work on masochism is a landmark in France. He set himself the goal of deploying all the richness and implications of the second Freudian drive theory and the introduction of the death drive. He therefore returns to "the Economic Problem of Masochism" to give all its value to the drive fusion that it achieves internally and which is therefore for it "guardian of life", even if it is can also be fatal. He draws consequences...

  • Self-harm
    by Humberto L Persano on December 19, 2022

    This paper attempts to address self-harm from a psychoanalytic perspective in contemporary clinical practice and their relationship with aggression, impulsiveness, violence, and masochism. Self-harm is frequent in adolescents and young people, predominantly in feminine gender. The author describes the different manifestations of self-injurious behaviors in the contemporary clinic, its manifestation in adolescents and its relationship with psychopathology. Self-harm is a way of communication,...