Disruptive-Impulse Control & Conduct Disorders

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These are a group of disorders that are linked by varying difficulties in controlling aggressive behaviors, self-control, and impulses. Typically, the resulting behaviors or actions are considered a threat primarily to others’ safety and/or to societal norms.  Some examples of these issues include fighting, destroying property, defiance, stealing, lying, and rule breaking.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: 13-Disruptive Impulse Control and Conduct Disorders
Diagnosis: 13-Wikipedia Impulse Control
US Patients:
World Patients:
Sex Ratio: 
Age Onset: 
Brain Area: 
Symptoms: Impulsivity in resisting temptations, urges or inability not to speak
Progression: Stages include the impulse, growing tension, pleasure on acting, relief from acting and  guilt.
Causes: Besides hair-pulling and skin-picking, impulses may include sex, internet, shopping or pyromania.
Medications: Some are available.
Therapies: Systemaic desensitization, relaxation training, or learning alternative satisfactions.

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The Neuropsychology of Conduct Disorder in Children

Amazon or Library Book: Narrative Therapy – Metaphroical Stories for Interpretation of Disruptive Disorders, Impulse Control and Behavior of Childhood

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