Truman Syndrome

The Truman Show delusion, informally known as Truman syndrome, is a type of delusion in which the person believes that their lives are staged reality shows, or that they are being watched on cameras.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: PW221
Diagnosis: Truman Syndrome
US Patients: several hundred cases, many after the “Truman Show” movie
World Patients:
Sex Ratio:
Age Onset:
Brain Area:
Symptoms: delusions, they believe their lives are staged reality shows being watched by cameras; in the past science fiction has people living in
Progression: worlds constructed by others, around one’s personal aspects
Causes: a variation on older delusinons of persecution or grandiosity

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My Truman Show Delusion – A Walk on the Path

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    A surge in catecholamine levels has been postulated as a potential mechanism causing cardiomyopathy, particularly Takotsubo Syndrome (TTS). Consequently, repeated exposure to β1/β2 agonists could contribute to the development of TTS in patients with asthma during periods of intense exacerbation.Even when no guidelines have been proposed for the identification and management of asthmatic patients who might develop TTS, recurrent asthma exacerbation requiring prolonged use of β1/β2 agonists have...