Partialism is a sexual interest with a focus on a specific part of the body. This can be any part of the body, such as the hair, breasts, or buttocks. The most common form of partialism is podophilia, in which a person becomes sexually aroused by feet.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: PW154
US Patients:
World Patients:
Sex Ratio:
Age Onset:
Brain Area:
Symptoms: More sexual interest or erotic attraction/arousal in a part of the body other than the genitalia, considered a fetish.
Progression: It occurs in heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals. Each part has its own diagnostic title.
Causes: Armpits, breasts, buttocks, navels, hands hair and feet are considered “partialism” fetishes. Feet are the most popular.
Medications: None listed.
Therapies: None listed.

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