Nicotine Dependence

Nicotine dependence is a state of dependence upon nicotine. Nicotine dependence is a chronic, relapsing disease defined as a compulsive craving to use the drug, despite social consequences, loss of control over drug intake, and emergence of withdrawal symptoms. Tolerance is another component of drug dependence.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: PW133
Diagnosis: Nicotine Dependence
US Patients:
World Patients: 976 Million Smokers
Sex Ratio:
Age Onset:
Brain Area: Nicotine stimulates receptors in the adrenal medulla and throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems.
Symptoms: Nicotine stimulates brain areas affecting reward, pleasure and anxiety and induce cravings when not involved.
Causes: Several genes are involved in dependency; compulsive craving for nicotine despite knowing consequences;
Medications: There are drugs and patches to reduce responsiveness to nicotine.
Therapies: Evidence-Based Medicine increases quitting by 2-3X.

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The Neurobiology of Addiction-The Reward Pathway

Amazon or Library Book: Nicotine Explained

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Support Group:; 877-879-6422

(Nicotine Anonymous)


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