What is inhalant use disorder? It is a problem that can develop when people deliberately breathe in the fumes of various substances, in order to experience intoxication. Basically, the disorder develops in people who frequently use inhalants as a recreational drug.

Overview from Wikipedia: Inhalant Use Disorder
Age Onset: Children and young teenagers.
Symptoms: Since the inhalants (even household chemicals) are heavier than oxygen when breathing, there is frequently brain damage or death through suffocation.
Causes: Specifically for inhaling glue, 38 U. S. states prohibit glue sales when inhaling is anticipated.

Youtube Video: Inhalant Use Disorder

Amazon or Library Book: Kids Who Use Inhalants

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A Manual of Inhalers, Inhallations and Inhalants

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Support Group:; 800-662-4357
(US Substance Abuse and Mental Halth Services Administration)


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