Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependent personality disorder (DPD) is a type of anxious personality disorder. People with DPD often feel helpless, submissive or incapable of taking care of themselves. They may have trouble making simple decisions. But, with help, someone with a dependent personality can learn self-confidence and self-reliance.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: W056
Diagnosis: Dependent Personality Disorder
US Patients:
World Patients:
Sex Ratio: M;W1.5
Age Onset: Age 24
Brain Area:
Symptoms: fear and anxiety leads to depending too much on others, pessimistic, fear separation
Progression: deep fear of abandonment, focus on ingratiating behaviors, and maintaining pleasant (often unhealthy) relationships
Causes: neglect and abusive authoritarian parents-80% heritable;
Therapies: psychotherapy to improve self-esteem & confidence

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