Conduct Disorder

“Conduct disorder” refers to a group of repetitive and persistent behavioral and emotional problems in youngsters. Children and adolescents with this disorder have great difficulty following rules, respecting the rights of others, showing empathy, and behaving in a socially acceptable way.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: W048
Diagnosis: Conduct Disorder
US Patients: 1-10% of children
World Patients: 51Mil
Sex Ratio: 3-4M;1F
Age Onset: Before 10
Brain Area: lower responses to social behavior:amygdala, insula, orbitofrontal cortex, ventromedial-pfc; less gray matter
Symptoms: lower-level appropriateness to child’s age; anti-social or violent, biting and hitting, later delinquency & truancy, defiance
Progression: IQ-1SD below Mean; defective veral rasoning and executive function;lower serotonin & cortisol-less regulation
Causes: child abuse; alcohol abuse, maternal smoking during pregnancy;leads to earlier substance abuse; 25% learning disability
Medications: 53% heritability;
Therapies: reduced substance abuse helps 1/2

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(Parents of Children with Conduct Disorder)


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