Haltlose Personality Disorder

Haltlose personality disorder is a personality disorder in which affected individuals possess psychopathic traits built upon short-sighted selfishness and irresponsible hedonism, combined with an inability to anchor one’s identity to a future or past. The symptoms of Haltlose are characterized by a lack of inhibition.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: W093
Diagnosis: Haltlose Personality Disorder
US Patients:
World Patients:
Sex Ratio:
Age Onset:
Brain Area:
Symptoms: criminal lifestyles or asocial parasites, lack of willpower, drifters; unable to learn from experience or have remorse
Progression: pathological lying; no realistic ambitions or foresight;likely to lead a life of criminality; child molestors, but blame others
Causes: fear of exposure from past exploits, reject limits, become footloose and/or psychopathic; high intellects, degraded morals
Medications: None listed.
Therapies: None listed.


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