Delusional Parasitosis

Delusional parasitosis (DP) is a mental disorder in which individuals have a persistent belief that they are infested with living or nonliving pathogens such as parasites, insects, or bugs, when no such infestation is present.


Cluster Number:
Wiki Number: W054
Diagnosis: Delusional Parasitosis (Ekbom’s Syndrome)
US Patients:
World Patients:
Sex Ratio: M;2W
Age Onset: Age 57
Brain Area:
Symptoms: believe they are infested by dead bugs – with hallucinations of touch under the skin
Progression: 2011-Mayo Clinic had 108 patients! 3 years is the typical longevity.
Causes: excess dopamine in the brain?
Medications: antipsychotics (which affects dopamine transmission), antidepressants
Therapies: CBT


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